Saturday, 28 May 2016

Social Media Marketing

Aiming to keep your client’s key social media campaign messages to a maximum of three key messages per social media campaign will not only make it easier for you to remember these key messages, but also will make it more memorable in the hearts and minds of your client’s target audience. For instance, from May to July of 2013 I helped create a social media marketing campaign for a local Non-Profit organization based in London, Canada  and for this campaign (i.e. Conversation Club), which was a social media campaign primarily devised to increase awareness about the Conversation Club for Newcomer Canadians and post-secondary volunteers. And moreover, to increase volunteer enrollment in the Conversation Club by post-secondary graduates. So me and the Marketing Coordinator decided to stick to two main social media campaign messages, since the main target audience was only post-secondary volunteers and Newcomer Canadians. The key social media campaign messages included:
“Live Together, Learn Together”
“Make a BIG Impact by Joining Conversation Club Today!”

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