Thursday, 23 June 2016

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Refreshing rose facial spray

There are so many beautiful and extremely different personalities in our work locker room. We have the dancers, the spinners, the hardcore ass-kickers (that’s their official title), the yogis, and some flow from one type to the next (like the same airy fairy yoga instructor can kill you in boot camp class. It’s amazing.). I learn so much from my colleagues, not only about health and fitness, but fun, random tips and tricks for life.
Like this rose facial spray:
One of the girls at work made it for me after asking me if I’d like a “spritz” and I fell in love with the lushly-scented elixir. It energized me, brightened and tightened my skin (which was looking pretty sad and sallow after a rough teething night up with Liv) and made me feel like I just had a spa treatment. Since then, I’ve been using the spray constantly, to the point where it was pretty much gone.
Time to make my own and a bottle for the friend who gave some to me

As we all know, I’m not very DRY handy. I’m trying to get better by doing little things -especially when I can salvage something instead of replacing it- but pour ingredients into a bottle? No prob with that.
Here’s the life-changing combo of ingredients:

Rose water : I filled 3/4 bottle with this. The remaining 1/4 of the bottle was an equal mix of the following ingredients.
Glycerin :
Sweet almond oil : A small amount for scent and moisturizing. You can also use lavender oil, which smells lovely. Remember, that a little goes a long way!
[a little disclaimer: this is just something that my friend made for me that I wanted to share. Be smart about using new ingredients on your skin, and if you’re ever doubtful, check with a doc.]
If possible, save your beauty spray bottles so that you can reuse — you can also pick up spray bottles at Target or beauty supply stores.

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