Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Unblock Facebook Secret

Unblock Facebook Secret 

Facebook Page management is one of the most challenging social media tasks due to the complexity of the Facebook algorithm and the amount of competition in the News Feed. In this post, I’m going to examine successful Facebook Pages and see what makes them work so well as well as show you Facebook’s own blueprint.


From Facebook, “Posts are generally more successful when they connect with your audience in a real, genuine way.

To create effective content you have to be aware of the fact that our thumbs are our new remote controls complete with stop, start, and fast forward buttons. You need to stop thumbs from scrolling.” But how?

Tips for creating a successful Facebook Page – it starts with each post.

1. Be succinct

Keep your text relevant and short. People don’t want to read long Facebook posts so keep your text snappy.
I like to check in with a free tool, Likealyzer, to help me analyze my Facebook posts. One of favorite data points is the length of posts – the tool gives a recommendation for the length of your Facebook text based on past performance on your posts.. Here is what my analysis says this week

Length of posts: Less than 100 characters.
The length does matter. The majority of your posts are shorter than 100 characters which is appreciated by your followers!

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